A Different Kind of StartUp

We’re a founder-controlled company whose team members have no borders. We believe in treating everyone as our equal and empowering our users with the world’s most advanced sales automation tech stack. Our code is powered by our team in San Francisco, Kansas City, Poland and the Ukraine. We're always hiring brilliant people at jobs@jetbridge.com.

John Sung Kim

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) and DoctorBase
(acquired by Kareo). Loves motorcycles and all 31 flavors.

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  • Mischa Spiegelmock

    Co-Founder & Software Architect

    Founding CTO at DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo) and former developer at LiveJournal. Open-source contributor, speaker, author.

  • Adam Szeptycki

    Chief Technology Officer

    Has published 6 mobile apps and has worked on commercially successful B2B and large scale B2C projects. Winner of multiple hackathons. Loves hiking and traveling with his wife.

  • Andrew Nutskovski

    Software Developer

    Experienced Android and front end developer with a passion for cycling and travel.

  • Noah Poythress

    Software Developer

    Backend developer adept at multiple languages, former developer at DoctorBase which he helped grow to over 18,000 doctors and 17M patients of record. As a hobby, Noah drives fast cars for a reality tv show.

  • Scott Locklin

    Principal Machine Learning Scientist

    Former Lawrence Berkeley National Labs physicist and has worked on machine learning, forecasting and quantitative finance projects for enterprises and government agencies since 2004. Loves working on math puzzles and debunking A.I.

  • Craig Ramsdell

    General Counsel

    Craig is an experienced corporate litigation attorney formerly with Ferriter Scobbo & Rodophele and is a partner at Garafolo Law.

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David Weisburd, General Partner at Growth Technology Partners

Best in class email and attachment tracking. Gives valuable insights into how people read my attachments. Also getting alerts when people forward my emails is super helpful in our biz dev process.