We Believe Culture Is Everything

We're Hiring in Both San Francisco and Kiev!
Our Mission

To empower Marketing Managers to hit their growth targets faster through automation that leverages true deep learning.

Our Vision

To grow a company culture where each team member acts as a CEO and goes to sleep dreaming of new ways to make our customers successful, and wakes up each day excited to execute on those dreams.

Our Values

Success is not about age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political party or geography. It's about working as a company family that's both ambitious and honest with each other.

John Sung Kim
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) and DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo). Loves motorcycles and all 31 flavors.

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Adam Szeptycki
Chief Technology Officer

Has published six commercially successful mobile apps and has worked on large scale B2B projects. Winner of multiple hackathons and has a passion for code competitions.

Craig Ramsdell
General Counsel

An experienced litigation attorney formerly with Ferriter Scobbe & Rodophelle, Craig is responsible for corporate matters including our patent strategy and enforcement of our intellectual property.

Mischa Spiegelmock
Co-Founder, Software Architect

Founding CTO at DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo) and former developer at LiveJournal. Open-source contributor, speaker, author.

Dr. Scott Locklin
Principal Machine Learning Scientist

Former Lawrence Berkeley National Labs physicist and has worked on machine learning, forecasting and quantitative finance projects for enterprises and government agencies since 2004. Loves working on math puzzles and debunking A.I.

Elisabeth Fullerton
Chief Evangelist

Elisabeth is a San Francisco based philanthropist who most recently was given the Susan G. Komen Visionary Award. She is a Grand Benefactor of the San Francisco Ballet, major sponsor to WildAid, and advisor to Italy's H-Farm incubator.