Announcing my third startup.

by John Sung Kim, CEO

After my first startup had an IPO and my second one was acquired I thought I would walk into the proverbial sunset of Silicon Valley (where being 35 is considered ancient). But fate gave me a chance to work with my old engineering crew again and so we decided to take all the home-grown tools we had built for our sales and marketing teams at both Five9 and DoctorBase and make them available to the public - simple to use but powerful enough for the enterprise.

We also made a conscious effort to build a different kind of software company than we had before. One that could work with the absolute best talent from around the world and make every person we work alongside feel like an executive.

My grandfather who taught me about both business and teamwork originally escaped North Korea, so not a week goes by where I don't thank God I'm an American with a passport. You can message me your ideas (even the bad ones) or pitch a bitch at I also occasionally blog waiting for my flights to board at - perhaps we'll meet on a Southwest or Virgin flight some day. 😀

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David Weisburd, General Partner at Growth Technology Partners

Best in class email and attachment tracking. Gives valuable insights into how people read my attachments. Also getting alerts when people forward my emails is super helpful in our biz dev process.