Track Email & Attachment Opens

The first tracking tool to leverage true A.I. insights.

Deep Email TrackingTM

JetBridge’s Deep Pixel technology goes far beyond simple email open tracking by analyzing recipient behavior after the open to provide a deeper analysis of who is most engaged with your content and websites.

One-Click Calendar Built for Mobile.

JetBridge reduces the required clicks for your prospects to book a demo down to just three taps on a mobile device, greatly increasing the amount of demos booked - and automatically updates Salesforce when they do.

Makes Every Email Your Best Email.

Create rich email templates and track which messages get the best results. Even share best performers across your team - making every rep your best writer.

Send Later.

Be working anywhere, anytime. Easily set emails to send in the future for maximum open rates and an around-the-clock presence.

Insert Boosts For Increased Responses.

Embed web page reviews, forms, tables, link previews and more so that your prospects never have to open an attachment to view your content.

Task Reminders Conditional On Prospect Behaviors.

Quickly create reminders based on your outgoing emails that are conditional on prospect behaviors so that no opportunity slips your memory regardless of recipient actions.

With a true two way sync with Salesforce and BCC to CRM with other CRM systems, all task reminders and outbound emails can be auto-logged to CRM without manual data entry.

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David Weisburd, General Partner at Growth Technology Partners

Best in class email and attachment tracking. Gives valuable insights into how people read my attachments. Also getting alerts when people forward my emails is super helpful in our biz dev process.