Our Unique Value:
Unicorn Know-How + Offshore Pricing

We’ve created apps that had an IPO (Five9) and sold in an all cash deal (DoctorBase). We’ve also been product marketing consultants to Upwork (IPO), Qualys (IPO), RingCentral (IPO), LGC Wireless (acquired) and 6connect (Series A).

We opened offices in Eastern Europe to mentor the world's most cost-effective high-tech talent. And because we love it here.

Solve The Outsourcing Outstaffing Dilemna

Outsourcers are strong on process but very rarely build successful products beyond a demo MVP. As a practice, out-staffers grossly oversell a candidate's skills.

Our clients 10x their chances of success with outsourcing or outstaffing by having our Silicon Valley CTOs working shoulder-to-shoulder with our developers, designers and marketing techs in Eastern Europe. Inquire about having the best of both worlds.

JetBridge added to our core engineering team and quickly ramped up with us at shocking speed... and even helped us in our subsequent round of venture financing.


Abtin Rostamian

Experience Success

From access to innovative product managers and investors across multiple industries, leverage both our experience building successful products as well as our networks in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Competing against startups who had raised $9M and $30M, no one believed we could beat them. Except us.

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Talk To A Founder

JetBridge helped us develop our product and even helped us get additional funding for our company when we entered our growth phase.

CEO Derm

Alex Bovre

John Sung KimCEO
Adam SzeptyckiCTO
Mischa SpiegelmockCo-founder, Architect
Dmitry SpiridonovCountry Lead
Anna MedvedevaDesign Lead
Scott Locklin, PhDPrincipal Machine Learning Scientist

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