Deep Email TrackingTM

Simple email tracking plugins for Gmail create more noise than signal. We leverage basic machine learning concepts combined with a more sophisticated tracking methodology we call a “deep pixel.” JetBridge gets more accurate over time at measuring how engaged your email recipients are with your content and your web properties.

Who Uses Email Tracking A.I.

  • Sales People & Recruiters

    Studies from Salesforce show that contacting prospects within an hour of reading your email or collateral leads to a significantly higher close rate and decreased sales cycle.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Startups fundraising or reaching out to media can know exactly when a recipient reads your email as well as how interested they are in your company's published content.

  • Attorneys

    Email recipients don’t sign email read receipts. Our Deep Pixel technology provides a much more effective form of tracking email and attachment opens for an added layer of intel.

  • Customer Support

    Know if your customers haven’t read the latest product update or help ticket response so you can ensure follow up.

Creating Logic From a List

Email tracking grew in popularity because it added a signal layer to prospects in a CRM database, creating triggers for sales reps to take a specific action when an email or attachment was opened.

Simple email tracking creates a growing list of past open events, but can’t continue to track prospect behavior after the email open - even though the prospect may be forwarding your attachment or visiting your website pages.

Using JetBridge you can not only see where in the attachment your prospect stopped reading or paid the most attention to, but begin to better prioritize the static leads in your CRM to have more targeted, intelligent conversations with your pipeline.

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David Weisburd, General Partner at Growth Technology Partners

Best in class email and attachment tracking. Gives valuable insights into how people read my attachments. Also getting alerts when people forward my emails is super helpful in our biz dev process.