Co-Pilot lets you both replicate Salesforce CRM within Gmail and see an activity feed of your prospects as they react to your emails. Co-Pilot makes manufacturing "Serendipitous Sales" (contacting prospects within an hour of them reading your content) scalable while making it easier to continually update your CRM.

  • Co-Pilot's Team Activity Feed

    If you’re a manager, getting access to your team’s activities has never been easier. Unlike Salesforce Chatter or Slack which can be trailing indicators, managers can see a realtime feed of leading sales activities like booked demos, sent emails, opened attachments, templates created and more. All without leaving Gmail.

  • Co-Pilot's Salesforce CRM Sidebar

    JetBridge gives each of your reps the ability to replicate Salesforce within their Gmail as a convenient sidebar that not only saves time from manual data entry but also increases the adherence to data reporting.

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David Weisburd, General Partner at Growth Technology Partners

Best in class email and attachment tracking. Gives valuable insights into how people read my attachments. Also getting alerts when people forward my emails is super helpful in our biz dev process.